The course is different from classic training because it is modelled on participants’ needs and requests. Other points of difference are its ongoing practical activities, engagement within the teams and external engagement with the client company, and the careful analysis of the activities that are necessary to create satisfactory products/services for the reference market.

To register, you need to send in your curriculum vitae. You’ll then receive a registration form. Once you’ve submitted your application and paid 50% of the fee, your registration will be complete.

Participants can interrupt the course for personal reasons, but none of the cost can be refunded.

At the moment there are no interviews or entrance tests. The twelve places available for the HCD School will be allocated as and when the registration fees are paid.

The remote lessons are organised in modules of 2 or 4 hours.

The time commitment is 8 hours per week, divided between lessons and workshops. Lessons will take place on Fridays and Saturdays. For collaborative and research activities, the time commitment could extend to other days of the week. These activities will be planned taking participants’ availability into account.

Lessons will alternate between workshops and lessons delivered by instructors. Instructor-led lessons will be recorded and made available online.

Each participant will be in direct contact with their tutor, who will act as a liaison with the instructors.

Participants will use specific communication systems that keep everyone up to speed as the course develops.

The organisation will set up the teams using the following criteria: uniformity in the composition of each team and the collective interests of participants and tutor companies.

If possible, when setting up the teams we’ll take participants’ preferences and personal aspirations into account. However, we can’t guarantee with absolute certainty that this will be possible.

The course does not provide certification and participants will not be able to apply for specific credits. The course does, however, issue a participation certificate.

Participants will be informed of the platforms for the lessons before the activities start. The platforms are designed to ensure the greatest possible efficacy of the lessons.

At the end of the course the jury of instructors will assess the best project in terms of strategy, processes, collaboration and ideas.

The jury is composed of 6 instructors: Paolo Lorini (product strategist), Vincenzo Di Maria (service designer), Nicola Bonora (content designer), Nima Gazestani (technology expert), Francesca Pannuti (brand designer) and Flavia Rubino (strategic marketing designer).

When the winning team is announced the school will issue a credit note to the team members. The money will be paid into their bank accounts by bank transfer. The same procedure will be followed for the companies who have enrolled their personnel.