No mission, just sleeves rolled up

The 12 participants, divided into 4 teams, will alternate remote lessons with practical activities.
Each team will undertake one of the projects proposed by the 4 tutor companies.

The course will last 6 months – more than 144 hours of activities with the group, the instructors and the tutor companies where participants will:

  • choose the most appropriate strategy, instruments and methods as the project progresses
  • make mistakes, but learn how to get back on track
  • engage continuously with the team, tutor company, partners and customers.

At the end of the course the jury of instructors will assess the best project in terms of strategy, processes, collaboration and ideas.

The members of the winning team will receive a refund of 50% of their registration fee (€1,600).

In summary

12 participants

4 tutor companies

4 teams

4 real projects

144 hours of remote learning/coaching

12 work areas