No fancy titles, just a backpack


At the HCD School you’ll learn how to use people’s expectations and aspirations as a basis to plan, design and create services that are more competitive on the market.

The HCD School:

  • trains human design strategists: a new professional role for people with the ability to connect customers’ needs with the organisation’s internal functions and operations
  • turns teaching on its head: each participant builds their own personal learning pathway with their team
  • works on real problems, of a real organisation, set in real scenarios
  • rewards the best project by refunding 50% of the cost of the course to participants
  • cost 3.200€ + VAT (if applicable).

No testimonials, just experiences to imagine


In the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • work on identifying problems to be solved
  • analyse situations, scenarios and the scope of action
  • identify both obvious and hidden resources in complex projects
  • listen to all of the project’s stakeholders and translate data into actions to be taken
  • build the most appropriate listening, involvement and collaboration approaches for each project
  • transform data into practical tools to deliver new opportunities
  • initiate internal transformation processes based on customer experience
  • change mental models in organisations and trigger transformation.